344th control lines 28 days later winfast

344th control lines: "28 days later" Selena: do you want to find a vaccine, we save the world, only love and sex? Selena: Do you want us to find a cure and save the world or just fall in love and fuck ·? Danny Boyles; "28 days later" 344th control lines, the line from "28 days later". A virus began to spread, turning people into zombies. 28 days later, Jim courier in a hospital to wake up, found no one in the city of london. He met two survivors, Mike, and Selena. Subsequently, Mike was infected, Selena did not hesitate to kill him. "After a person is infected, you have 20 seconds to kill him." In the face of disaster, Selena became strong, cold, she said to Jim this line. This is a very vulgar, very strange, because the "save the world", "falling in love" is a zombie movie plot, is the male and female will do. As a character in the film, Selena Tucao very sharp, she told Jim, you do not have any illusions, we can live on the good. The zombie virus, not "28 days later" terrible place. They found a surviving daughter, four secret base together to find survivors. After this, the film is the story of a sudden turn for the worse, something really scary waiting for them.相关的主题文章: