30 thousand strong onlookers onlookers Expo Network – Sohu outdoor didadi

30 thousand Internet users a strong gathering of the Expo will be broadcast – Sohu outdoor reading Tibet fair, then go to Tibet tourist town bar! In 2016 Chinese cultural tourism of Tibet International Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Tibetan Fair) has come to an end on the day before. This year’s Tibetan fair highlights a lot, in addition to a wide range of tourism products, "the holy land of heaven Tibet" Tibet theme exhibition hall is also very popular. (a good combination of fun with your possession fair live at the same time, Tibet’s first large silhouette) webcast "combination fun with your possession fair" is the focus of attention, during the live broadcast, nearly 30 thousand users to watch online and interactive webcast, like the number of points is a breakthrough 600 thousand. Two hours of live so many users can visit the site and combination with eyes, not only "fun" possession of the fair, also interact with the merchants, sitting at home can also experience the lively atmosphere of Tibetan fair. Tibet fair, the tourists choose the favorite tourist products in the Tibetan fair, in addition to the first webcast, the holy land of heaven Tibet Tibet theme exhibition hall is also a bright spot. Tibet tourism theme exhibition hall with a real experience, VR technology, ball screen playback and other means of modern technology, combined with the Tibet tourism industry to perfect, to come to visit the public and tourists brought a different travel experience. It is understood that the modern science and technology will be gradually applied to the development of tourism industry in Tibet to achieve the "product information, digital resources, service standardization and intelligent supervision", the establishment of Tibet tourism information platform, realize the intelligent tourism industry in Tibet. (tourist experience in Tibet Expo VR panorama) by creating a holographic Experience Hall, with modern intelligent technology produced VR Panoramic Map experience etc., so that everyone in the thousands of miles away can understand Tibet’s thrilling beauty! Will make your trip to Tibet more colorful. The perfect integration of modern science and technology and the Tibet tourism industry will also become an important symbol of the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry in Tibet. Take Tibet tourism towns, each town has its unique beauty out of the ordinary, every one will make people forget. Want to travel all over the town of Tibet once again, in time, travel arrangements really difficult. But through the panoramic view of the tourist town of Tibet VR map, the beauty of the town can be seen at any time in front of you, travel experience has become unique and interesting. In the small town of tourism in Tibet, Lu Lang international tourism town is definitely a bright star. In March 2012, the international tourism Rouland town project officially started and lay a foundation; in 2013, the international tourism Rouland town entered the construction phase; in October of the same year, Rouland town won the "China most beautiful villages," the highest award "Model Award"; in 2016, the international tourism Rouland town will be fully completed and officially opened. Since the international tourism Rouland town open, visitors are attracted to this is in a continuous line. In addition to dreamlike scenery, the international tourism Rouland town "accommodation travel and entertainment in one, for visitors to provide more convenient and comfortable service, for you to stay out of town to meet various needs of tourism, in the picturesque scenery!相关的主题文章: