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2020 China intelligent hardware market is expected to scale up trillion – China news agency new network in September 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Yuying) Chinese Ministry of information industry and the relevant responsible person said on the 26, the estimated total industrial scale to 2018 Chinese intelligent hardware products and services to about 500 billion yuan (RMB, same below), to 2020 reached trillion yuan the level of. September 19th, the Ministry of industry, the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "intelligent hardware industry innovation and development special action (2016-2018)". Ministry of interpretation of the document 26. The Ministry responsible person, China intelligent hardware industry and the global synchronous development, smart wearable devices, virtual reality, intelligent equipment and other products Home Furnishing shipments scale has more than ten million, part of the product market is growing fast in the world. In the field of smart wearable devices, smart drones and other areas have emerged in a number of scale, technology leading enterprises. In order to solve the problem of intelligent hardware product innovation, application ability lack of short board, the "special action" proposed three key tasks, one is to emphasize the brand, high-end product supply capacity; two is to emphasize the basic function of generic technology innovation key; the three is to emphasize the key industries in the field of application of pilot demonstration. The "special action" comprehensive industry research achievements on the market size of different products, established in 2018, the global market share of the overall goal of more than 30%, more than 500 billion yuan of industrial scale, and puts forward the key technology has made significant breakthroughs, cultivating industry leading enterprises listed overseas, accounting for more than 10% patents and the construction of innovation platform innovation. According to statistics, in 2015 the global smart wearable device shipments of 78 million 100 thousand, virtual reality industry is about 1 billion 540 million yuan, the intelligent service robot market size of more than 8 billion U.S. dollars, intelligent vehicle equipment market scale is also growing rapidly. (end)相关的主题文章: