2017 – JDB reached a strategic cooperation with Sohu and Zhejiang satellite TV homefront

JDB and Zhejiang TV to achieve strategic cooperation and Sohu in 2017 – "love in the afternoon of November 15th, with Zhejiang satellite TV in 2017 & felicitous wish of making money" jiaduobao strategic cooperation conference held in Hangzhou. JDB group vice president Wang Qiang, Zhejiang radio and Television Group editorial director Wang Jun, Zhejiang satellite TV, Zhejiang satellite TV marketing (advertising) Center for Zhou Fuzeng, Zhejiang TV Center Deputy Director, general director Jiang Minhao cross in a series of activities, and dissemination of President Huang Xinai and other leaders were present related partners. Take this, JDB to the title of Zhejiang satellite TV New Year series of activities as an opportunity, a strong attack became the first officially launched the 2017 spring festival marketing brand of food and beverage industry. JDB group vice president Wang Qiang said at the press conference, since 2015 after restructuring and a series of system upgrades, jiaduobao has stood on a more worth looking forward to the strategy of the new starting point, will be named the Zhejiang TV New Year series of activities as an opportunity to fully open the "pot of gold jiaduobao drink felicitous wish of making money" as the theme of the spring festival marketing activities. With the National People’s China years felicitous wish of making money. Jiaduobao strong attack the title of Zhejiang satellite TV New Year series of activities, the Spring Festival first started a marketing campaign in the Spring Festival approaching, but also to the FMCG industry impact sales, planning and layout of the golden new year. For after nearly 2 years of restructuring and upgrading the system JDB, the Spring Festival in 2017 will be the first test of the new system of war. Conference, JDB brand management department director Xiang Yun said in an interview with reporters, jiaduobao will be named Zhejiang TV 2017 years across a series of activities for the new strategic starting point, and Zhejiang TV together, will lead to higher levels of enjoyment and consumption experience for consumers to create a pot of gold into the Spring Festival jiaduobao gifts consumption standard the Spring Festival, start marketing. He also revealed that the 2017 Spring Festival, jiaduobao will continue to increase marketing efforts, more integration of high-quality resources like Zhejiang TV as the marketing play combination punches, open platform and content, which will "drink cans JDB felicitous wish of making money, gold" from the wealth dimension up to the dimension of culture, to create the one and only "cultural treasure" brand equity, let the gold cans JDB and good wishes on behalf of into thousands of households. Zhejiang radio and television group, Zhejiang TV editorial director Wang Jun said, "love together", "Zhejiang TV is felicitous wish of making money" in a series of activities across the theme and the spring festival marketing JDB brand advocates, tied together very well, a symbol of cooperation with Zhejiang satellite TV Plus treasure for many years, but also the pursuit of a better, the perfect fit. Rich life Chinese dream, believe the combination of both will reach new heights. At the same time, the general director Jiang Minhao revealed that this year’s new year’s activities will show the creative, stage production, network station linkage each section, part of a substantial upgrade, transfer "love and money" New Year gifts for global chinese. Show the effect of strategic adjustment and upgrade system, help the JDB 2017 Spring Festival sales opener it is understood that since 2015, in order to adapt to the new trend of reform, the change of market environment and the trend of consumption upgrade, plus.相关的主题文章: