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family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand often see many children by adults inadvertently locked home, or bear children themselves in the house locked the door and don’t know how to open. Outside the adult children fear exacerbated the panic, leading to unnecessary danger. The most common is locked in the home of the child, panic will do the most dangerous behavior is to climb the balcony, climb the window. See a mother of the ignorance of consequences to the mother house rubbish, just put down the garbage, the wind blew the door shut, panic mother door, opened the door to his 3 year old son, a child accidentally turn on the lock, how can not open. The child did not know what had happened, the mother has been ignorant of the comfort of the house: "son, do not be afraid, my mother called his father to save you." The child in a click, look around the house alone, mother comforting words become a dangerous signal, the child afraid to shoot the door, open the door for me, "Mom, I’m afraid!" "My son is not afraid. My father will be here soon. Don’t climb up the stool……" Mother warned the words to become a guide, the child crying moved a stool, climbed to the windowsill to find his mother, the results did not fence fence, the child went on like this…… Every year a lot of children because of being locked in the family tragedy. If the home installed guardrail, if the child did not confound adults, he will be frightened, resulting in psychological shadow, no sense of security. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay at home alone. In general, the 6 year old child due to mental immaturity, a single person at home will be afraid, if coupled with adult panic, the child will be excessive fear due to excessive behavior. If the child has no intention of being locked at home, don’t let the children feel afraid to be saved. Look at the following mother’s practice, really too good! One day, Xiao Ling mother rushed out to see clients pulled shut the door after bad! Forget the small Ling grandmother went out to buy food did not come back, Xiao Ling dad had to go to work, turned over a handbag tragedy, he forgot to bring the key! At this point, the house is still sitting on the ground Xiao Ling banana, do not know what happened! Ling Ling grandma’s phone, "hello!" Tears again collapsed, the house of the small Ling answered the phone, grandma did not take the phone out! Calm, calm, do not panic, we can think of a way…… "Xiao Ling, mother wants to play a game with you?" "Okay, mom!" Hear to play the game, Linda in high spirits. "Mom now want to play a game with you this treasure, treasure to you a person, this baby is a bunch of keys to find the mother, gave her mother into the grass downstairs. When the mother returned to the house on behalf of success, after the success of your mother to reward you for the weekend to play a paradise." "Wow, well, Xiao Ling likes it best!" First of all, the first is to treasure her pictures相关的主题文章:

Samsung 500 thousand new note 7 arrived in the United States on Wednesday began to replace the probl www.cqpx.cc

Samsung 500 thousand new Note 7 arrived in the United States on Wednesday began to replace the problem of mobile phone technology Tencent news according to the "USA Today" reported that the battery of the existence of security risks of Galaxy Note 7 between Samsung Electronics and American consumers had a huge gap. Samsung Electronics said late Tuesday, for 500 thousand new mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 replacement plan has arrived in the United States, and will begin to change work on Wednesday local time. 2 this month, Samsung wireless division responsible Gao Dongzhen (D.J. Koh) held a press conference to apologize for cell defects on Samsung large screen new machine Galaxy Note7, and announced that it would recall problems of products in the world. Up to now, in the United States has purchased Galaxy Note 7 users, has been replaced by a mobile phone 25%. Samsung Electronics spokesman said, the vast majority of consumers choose to replace a Galaxy phone. However, the latest survey shows that many consumers in the first time to buy Galaxy Note 7 said they would avoid the phone in the two choice. The Internet research company SurveyMonkey on the weekend of 507 American adults conducted surveys found that in Galaxy Note already owns 7 of consumers, more than 1/3 said they choose a refund instead of a new mobile phone. The survey said, in the Galaxy Note already has 7 consumers, 35% pledged to refund, and 26% said it would buy iPhone, while 21% said they would choose other mobile phone, Samsung Electronics is only 18%, which is less than 1/5 of consumers said they will continue to use Galaxy Note 7. If consumers in the future action and its willingness to express the same words, Samsung Electronics may be due to the loss of money in the financial suffered no small loss, but also may lose millions of smart phone sales. In the last month, just released a few weeks ago, Galaxy Note 7 sales more than 2 million 500 thousand, is considered likely to debut earlier this month in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus threat. Survey results show that Samsung Electronics will face a difficult time in the future. Analysts expect the global recall of Galaxy Note 7 may allow Samsung Electronics to pay the price of $904 million. Eric Fleming (Eric) is facing a difficult situation is the epitome of many Galaxy Note 7 users in. Fleming, 30, is a product manager in California, San Bruno. Although Fleming did not participate in the online survey, but he also expressed his emotions to the media: "I have no way. I will lose $200 to $300 due to the recall. I used to be a loyal user of Samsung Electronics for years, and now it’s disappointing." David, a brand expert at the Columbia School of business, (David Rogers), said the Galaxy Note 7 recall.相关的主题文章:

It’s really a big event to let the children sit on the toilet! Sohu – 1926年属相�

It’s really a big event to let the children sit on the toilet! – the mother and child of the Sohu will be spontaneous urination and defecation are often seen as a milestone in the growth of their mothers, but always do not let you naughty treasure. Not easy to learn their own urine, and when you are full of joy to want to train his bowel movement was found, it is difficult! The children’s education center director Wu Yixuan said that children do @, stool in the toilet, it is a life event is down down down down down, will the traditional concept of self not with intelligence in the stool China, always think too early to start self urination and defecation is more clever. In fact, this is a wrong concept, should be regarded as a good habit of the formation of the baby early and late, fully aware of the early and late training and action related. Baby to do it from the conditions of the reflex to the real self-care stage, generally to 2 years old. Then the baby can recognize the need to excrete the feeling, and through language, action or other means to express this feeling. Moreover, the baby also needs to be able to control the movement of the anus and urethra in a short period of time. Finally, the baby should be able to understand and cooperate in the appropriate place to discharge. These are only the child’s physiological development to a certain degree of maturity can be achieved. The training is not difficult to get rid of the diaper, the stool is hard enough! There are many parents, children are willing to sit down the toilet to urinate, but without stool diaper will really let my mother! I do not know how to force, and deep fear caused by the child back, turned into a constipation problem. And this problem, my family also has. So, the twins at the age of 3, and finally in the fall of the first toilet stool life, now only use the jubilation to describe my joy when the mother. In fact, the twin siblings are around the age of 2 have to learn to take the small toilet pee, but sensitive brother stool training has not been successful, would rather not defecate, also want to hold to bedtime diaper to defecation. (you see! Wrap diaper quickly hide stool child ~ posture so much) for children, toilet stool is a major event in life! "Mommy, I was a stool!" Just sit on the toilet for 2-3 minutes brother excitedly down from the toilet on the red, told me he finally succeeded in the toilet stool. Mother asked the child to sit down in the toilet, but he didn’t want to go down. In fact, children were very upset and unsolved after stool, after 3 minutes was big on the floor. (you see! The child sees how the face of his shit is so scared!) for adults, shit is a normal thing. But in any event can be the first time in the eyes of a child, to overcome the fear of the smell of feces color, but also to control their physiology, is indeed a difficult task. Therefore, to be successful and freely on the toilet stool, the child is really a wonderful life. Parents please be patient not impatient, give children more time for toilet toilet training. The toilet stool refused to take the common reasons: one is your son, so try to understand him, the相关的主题文章:

Why do you eat your baby Sohu – antik

Why do you eat your baby? – the 1 year old mother and child within the Sohu always like to eat hands, which, some mothers worry. In fact, one year old baby to eat the hand, is the normal performance of the mouth, if the parents too much to stop, will cause a delay in the mouth desire, is not conducive to the development of the baby. Why do babies eat hands? The first year after birth, the baby becomes " oral " is the first stage of personality development. They strongly need a sense of security and a strong need for sucking, especially at bedtime. For newborn babies, sucking fingers is normal: on the one hand can give the baby to bring comfort, reduce anxiety; on the other hand, the baby had a sucking reflex and demand, is not the same as the suction finger the satisfaction and the feeling of milk, so even eat, the baby will suck finger. 1 year old baby to eat the benefits of the baby within one year of age, eating hand is an inevitable stage of growth and development. Eating hands is the best way to learn about the world and the world. Do not let the baby within four years of age may hinder the development of children, less than the following benefits, will make the baby stupid oh! 1, the world’s first cognition and confidence because the infant baby is to see the world through the mouth. If the parents in the three months to start blocking the baby to eat hand, baby’s mental development will be affected is very large, grow up to become suspicious, timid and lack of self-confidence. 2, happy and stable mood for the little baby, eating hand can eliminate the baby’s restlessness, irritability, tension, with sedation. Sucking fingers can bring him comfort, they can start sucking fingers, get some sort of pleasure, even if the mother is not around, he can not eat nipple reassurance. 3, the more you eat the more clever baby in the hands of eating, can strengthen the sense of touch, smell and taste stimulation, promote the development of the nervous function, which is a signal of the development of baby intelligence. 4, exercise hand eye coordination to eat finger coordination exercise baby hand flexibility and hand eye. Special reminder: less than 1 years old baby does not suck the finger is not normal. Sucking is a normal phenomenon in the process of each baby’s growth, if the baby in the home to 6 months old, there is no finger sucking behavior appears, it may be abnormal behavior. Parents need a lot of observation, and even try to hold the baby’s hand, put his mouth, let him try to take a look. 1 years old baby eat hand how to do? Baby to 4, 5, June age, under the guidance of parents learned to use their hands, seize what will be sent to the mouth. My parents began to tangle, not afraid of poisoning what health ah, ah, but bad gums and so on. In fact, I want to congratulate parents: the baby and progress! Their coordination ability has been further developed. Parents need to pay attention to the choice of easy to clean the toys, to maintain good health. If you do not let the baby to eat during this period, the mouth is not satisfied, will make the baby’s psychological development in the future, may lead to the baby’s future相关的主题文章:

FIFA 17 demo demo announced the time the rich people is expected to debut jiqingwuyuetian

"FIFA 17" demo Demo announced the time the rich people is expected to debut as "FIFA 17" released this month’s two football games, this year’s "2017" has already released a live football related demo Demo and EA’s "FIFA 17" before the game demo on Demo also has no specific message. But recently, the game’s chief producer Garreth Reeder in an interview with foreign media Gamereactor, and finally revealed to us the relevant Demo release time, that is, September 13th. "Chief producer Reeder chief producer Garreth FIFA 17" on the demo platform and the specific will provide what the team and stadium for the game player demo demo, the producer did not disclose the specific message. But before the game show in Cologne released demo includes Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain, Seattle supersonics and Bayern Munich and Juventus club, and before the court EA sports also released the Standford Bridge Stadium. So these are also very promising to release in Demo. FIFA 17 will be available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platform in September 29th. "FIFA17" (source: ali123 editor: unhappy) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: